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Symposium talk invitation for Open Box Science

Dear Dr . [Fabulous],

This is [Your Name], an [PhD student/PostDoc/etc] at [Your Institution]. Congratulations on your recent publication, “[Super interesting paper name]”. We would like to invite you to presenting your findings in an open & free video conference journal club on Open Box Science.

If you are interested, your talk will be part of the [XX online symposium], which I will host and moderate for you.  I am proposing a [30-min (20-min talk + 10-min Q&A) talk, at XX time or YY time]. Happy to discuss details and adapt if needed. 

Open Box Science will broadcast the open video conference to like-minded scientists around the world. I totally understand that you are too busy, and please feel free to let me know if you have questions? We hope you’d join us in this open science movement! Thank you.


[Your Name]