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Host an Open Box Science Symposium!

Why host an open box science symposium?

1. Satisfy your drive to understand scientific publications, at ease. 

2. Accumulate experience hosting large-scale talks (think your CV). 

3. Network with like-minded scientists (ex. find jobs/talents). 

How to host:

1. Decide a topic and find 3 recently-published authors as presenters. 

2. Arrange a Zoom and Google Meet meeting.

3. Moderate constructive discussions on the topic. 

How can we help?

1. Help advertise through wide-reaching channels on our platform. 

2. Prepare e-posters to share on your social networks. 

3. Provide tips to facilitate hosting. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at OpenBoxScience [at]

  • A complete slide tutorial on hosting available HERE.